Empowering Women and Lifting Up Whole Communities

Our Mission

Humanist Action Ghana seeks to end child marriage, teenage pregnancy, witchcraft accusations, and poverty by improving access to sustainable livelihoods through community-based training programs for women in Northern Ghana.

The Challenge

The Northern Region has the highest poverty rate and lowest literacy rate in Ghana. Communities in this geographic area experience a cycle of generational poverty in which lack of education leads to high rates of child marriage, teenage pregnancy, and witchcraft accusations. Women in the area are especially vulnerable to the effects of poverty.

What We Do

HA Ghana is a women's rights and poverty alleviation NGO based in Tamale, Northern Region.

We provide vocational training for young women living in high poverty, low education communities in the Northern Region of Ghana.


We are focused on protecting human rights by championing the skills necessary for Ghanaians in impoverished communities to meet their basic needs.

Each vocational or agricultural training project coordinated by HA Ghana is specifically tailored to the needs and desires identified by the communities themselves.


After each training, trainees are provided with the tools and equipment needed to start a viable business in their field.

We collaborate with local organizations and individuals to empower members of the community to build a life of self-sustainability and dignity.

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+233 54 877 0253


P.O. Box KIA 9914, Accra, Ghana